2014 Macau Millions: Broken record

March 12, 2014

One record down.

Day 1D of the 2014 Macau Millions is officially the largest starting flight of any Macau Millions.


The previous record was 270 entrants and Day 1D has already crossed the 300 mark with late registration still open. As impressive as this record is, it probably won’t stand for more than a few days.

The last starting flight tends to be the largest and fields also increase during the weekend.

Not only is Day 1F the last starting day, it lands on a Friday. While these days are in heavy competition to take the title of “Largest Macau Millions Starting Flight,” they’re also working together to break another record.

The 2014 Macau Millions is hoping to become the largest tournament held on Asian soil. The record currently stands at 1,349 entries and was set three years ago, by the Macau Millions.

While we have to wait until Friday to see that outcome, there are a few personal records looking to be broken today.

Alexandre Chieng has already made it to Day 2 twice and is hoping to become the first player to make three Day 2s in Macau Millions history.

On the other hand, Team PokerStars Celina Lin is hoping to make her first. Despite being the only player to win two Red Dragons, Lin has yet to make a single Day 2 in the Macau Millions. Currently, she’s on try 17.

In fact, no women have made it to Day 2 yet, but Percy Yung came close.

Yung bubbled Day 1A after losing a flip to the chip leader. There were several short stacks fighting for a spot in the top 10 and Yung eventually fell in 11th.

Aside from putting her in Day 2, winning that flip would’ve put Yung in the lead of the Asia Player of the Year race. Yung is currently tied in points (2,400) with Victor Teng and Buyanjargal Bold, but comes in 3rd when winnings come into play.

Yung is more than HKD $300,000 away from the lead, but just 1 APOY point.


Percy Yung

Yung hasn’t given up and is giving it another shot here in Day 1D.

Some other faces to make an appearance for this record-breaking day include Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang and Sixiao “Juicy” Li.


Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang

This is both Huang’s and Li’s first appearance in the 2014 Macau Millions.


Sixiao “Juicy” Li

Alexander Villegas has never broken a record for the PokerStars Blog.


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