2014 Macau Millions: Break’s over, time for Day 1D

March 12, 2014

There were two days of relative calm in the PokerStars LIVE room here in Macau.

Not anymore.

Players are flooding in for Day 1D of the 2014 Macau Millions. We’ve already seen 430 entrants during the first three flights and now tournament staff are expecting plenty more. In fact, they’re hoping to beat the record-setting 1,349 entrants that attended the last Macau Millions.

With only three more Day 1s to go — including today — the tournament has to average more than 300 players a day. Optimistic? Sure. Probable? Probably.

While the largest-ever starting day for the Macau Millions was 270, things have changed. The last Macau Millions was held in 2011 at the Grand Lisboa. Since then, the room has moved to The City of Dreams and poker has grown exponentially in Macau. Even the Red Dragon has approached 1,000 entrants recently.


The PokerStars LIVE room at The City of Dreams

Also, while this year’s Macau Millions has six day ones — the 2011 event had seven — players are allowed one re-entry per day. Several players have taken two bullets a day, but only a select few survive.

Seven percent to be exact.

The Macau Millions isn’t your regular tournament. We play down to a different number on Day 1s. Instead of a set amount of levels, each Day 1 stops when the tournament hits seven percent of the field.

So far, 30 players have made it through. Ten players survived Day 1A and 1C while 11 made it through Day 1B.

But wait, the more mathematically adept reader might say. Doesn’t that equal 31?

Why yes dear reader, yes it does.

Another quirk about this tournament is that players can qualify to Day 2 more than once. So far, the only player to survive two Day 1s is Alexandre Chieng, who survived Day 1A with 93,000 and Day 1C with 44,500.

Chieng’s Day 1C stack will be taken out of play, but he’ll get a bonus HKD $11,000 as a compensation prize. Those who only make one day get HKD $8,000.


Alexandre Chieng

While Chieng had an impressive run and made the top seven percent twice, he’s still in the bottom third of the Day 2 chip counts.

Leading those final 30 is Tai Tan, who survived with an impressive 364,500. Tan won a massive hand that also ended the day and finished more than 100,000 ahead of Mikal Blomlie, who’s currently second in chips with 233,000.

But that list of survivors is about to go through some major changes these next few days. Stay tuned for the remaining — and largest — starting days of the 2014 Macau Millions.

Action is scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m.

Alexander Villegas is a lifelike robot for the PokerStars Blog.


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