2014 ACOP: How to get followed

October 22, 2014

We’re just days away from the 2014 Asia Championship of Poker and you can smell the anticipation and excitement in the air for the Far East’s biggest annual poker competition!

For those who have missed the stories leading up to ACOP, one Mr. Awesome has compiled them for you right here:

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For this piece I’m taking a page from PokerStars blogger Rick Dacey who wrote the article, “Get yourself followed, aka ‘Why we’re now railing Grayson Ramage” during PCA 2014.

While there are players who like to be left alone, there are many others who want to see their names and pictures on the PokerStars Blog.

Why not? After all, you’re playing in the world’s gaming capital for some big time prizes!

The problem? Unlike, say, a basketball game where you commonly have a 2-man team covering ten players on the court, a major poker tournament has two bloggers trying to follow the action of hundreds of players.

You want to be followed? Here’s how.

1. Team PokerStars
Representing the world’s biggest poker company means you’ll surely get some love on the PokerStars Blog. Chances are, you’ve proven yourself with great live or online results to be honored with the coveted Red Spade and you’re the kind of player who’s going to go deep in tournaments with regularity.

2. Champions & APOY
I wouldn’t go so far as to call our bloggers ‘all knowing’ but they are indeed worldly people and if you’ve won a significant tournament on the EPT, LAPT, PCA — or a World Champ – then we’re probably going to keep an eye on you and find out if you can do it again. We’re in Macau so if you’re a top ranked player on the Asia Player of the Year leaderboard or come with wins on the PokerStars Asia circuit then we’re bound to know you.

3. Big Stack
There’s nothing like a giant mound of chips to get the attention of a beat writer. Even better? End the day with the largest stack and there’s no way you’ll be missed.

4. Go Deep!
Once the field has thinned and we head towards the final stretch of the tournament we’ll try to figure out who’s who and what their story is. Using the basketball analogy again, it’s about the guys on the court and not in the stands. The fact that there’s just a handful of hopefuls left means you’re bound to hit our radar.

5. Use the Twitter hashtag #2014ACOP
If you fail to qualify for one of the above or maybe we just haven’t made it to the far corners of the poker room yet – hey, we’re just human – then we’d love to hear from you on Twitter. But you need to use the correct hashtag for that to happen and in this case it’s appropriately #2014ACOP

The 2014 Asia Championship of Poker is hosted by ‘PokerStars LIVE Macau’ and runs from October 24 to November 9. For more information please visit www.PokerStarsLIVEMacau.com


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