During SCOOP 2013, there were four separate tournament leader boards: Low, Medium, High and Overall. An error was identified in the initial calculation of points awarded from High stakes tournaments with small fields, which affected the results of the High and Overall leader boards.

The advertised rules required that leader board points should only have been awarded when a player cashed. However, that rule failed to be enforced during the initial calculation of leader board points, and thus some players who played in certain high buy-in events were mistakenly credited with points they were not eligible to receive. PokerStars regrets the error and has taken steps to solve this instance, and to prevent it reoccurring.

As a result of this error, ‘GeorgeDanzer’ received extra points, and was mistakenly ranked in first place on the Overall TLB. After correcting the calculations, the actual winner of the Overall TLB is ‘AceQuad’ of Mexico. PokerStars has now corrected the leader board and contacted the two affected players: ‘GeorgeDanzer’ and ‘AceQuad’. The Overall leader board prizes of the SCOOP Trophy and the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT10 Grand Final Package will be awarded to ‘AceQuad’.

In addition, this error caused a re-ranking of some players who would have received prizes on the 2013 SCOOP High leader board. Specifically the following players have moved down from top 10 positions to non-prize awarded positions: ‘blanconegro’, ‘ninototoroko’, and ‘ImDaNuts’. The following players have moved up into top 10 positions for the SCOOP High leader board and will now receive $1,050 WCOOP tickets for their efforts: ‘ana marquez’, ‘AceQuad’, and ‘el_batong’.

Overall, ten events were affected by this calculation error. There were 51 players who were awarded points they did not earn according to the official posted rules. The leader board has been re-calculated with the corrected formula. The correction has only changed the prizes for the eight players listed above.

The ten affected events were the High versions of SCOOP 4, 6, 11, 12, 16, 27, 28, 30, 37, and 38. Because these events attract smaller fields, players were awarded points for highly ranked finishes, despite not cashing in the events. PokerStars has corrected the points calculation process to avoid this error repeating in the future. We apologise to the affected players for this error.

Players with any queries about this can email scoop@pokerstars.com

michael_josem_pokerstars.jpgMichael Josem is the Head of Public Relations for PokerStars. He formerly served as a Senior Manager in the Security and Game Integrity teams for PokerStars.


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