2009 WCOOP: Terrence “Unassigned” Chan pairs WCOOP bracelet with SCOOP titles in Event #39, $1,050 6-max limit hold’em

September 19, 2009


“#WCOOP 39 has begun! Time to unify the titles,” wrote Terrence “Unassigned” Chan on his Twitter account yesterday afternoon.

To say the event on tap was in Chan’s wheelhouse is a gross understatement, as last April he managed an almost unthinkable feat, winning two 6-max limit hold’em SCOOP championships in a single night. First he defeated a field of 540 in a $530 6-max limit hold’em event, then only a few hours later, topped an elite field of 99 players in the $5,200 version of the same event for a total haul of over $186,000. Tonight, Chan added a WCOOP bracelet to his increasingly crowded wrist, remaining focused and aggressive despite losing his internet connection with twelve players remaining.

“That was about the scariest moment ever. Thank god for having two internet connections here. My primary just went out,” twittered Chan.

437 players bought in to this short-handed limit hold’em event creating a $437,000 prize pool. 66 places were paid with first place set to earn $83,030.00. Team PokerStars Pro made an excellent showing in this event with John Duthie (23rd), Andre Akkari (14th), Ylon Schwartz (13th), and Chad Brown (10th) all making deep runs.

Here’s how the final six stacked up as the action got underway:

Seat 1: Tommy2tyme (717,508 in chips)
Seat 2: Vingtcent (507,884 in chips)
Seat 3: Terrence “Unassigned” Chan (836,891 in chips)
Seat 4: KINGKUNG (478,883 in chips)
Seat 5: SoulMaster7 (984,600 in chips)
Seat 6: Cesar “makavelyces” Fuentes (844,234 in chips)

WCOOP 39 FT.jpg

KINGKUNG was the shortest stack entering the final table and became the first to depart after getting into a raising war with makavelyces. With the betting limits at 20,000-40,000, makavelyces opened for a raise to 40,000, KINGKUNG three-bet from the big blind and makavelyces called. The flop came down 9♠5♠2♣and the betting was capped after KINGKUNG led out. KINGKUNG led out again when the 7♠ hit the turn, makavelyces raised, KINGKUNG three-bet all in and makavelyces called. KINGKUNG showed A♦A♠, but makavelyces had turned a flush with Q♠6♠. The river was the A♣ and KINGKUNG hit the rail in sixth place for a $13,984 score.

Only minutes later, Tommy2tyme’s tournament life was on the line. A massive pot formed when Unassigned opened for a raise, SoulMaster7 three-bet, makavelyces flat-called, and Tommy2tyme capped. All three players called and saw an A♣J♦10♥ flop. Makavelyces checked to Tommy2tyme, who bet 20,000. Unassigned called and SoulMaster7 raised. Makavelyces got out of the way, and both Tommy2tyme and Unassigned called. The turn paired the board with the 10♦. Tommy2tyme and Unassigned checked over to SoulMaster7 who bet 40,000. Tommy2tyme called while Unassigned folded. When the 2♥ hit the river, Tommy2tyme checked again and SoulMaster7 bet.

Tommy2tyme said, “lol”
Tommy2tyme said, “i have qq”
Tommy2tyme said, “gg guys”

Resigned to his fate, Tommy2tyme called all in for his remaining 29,000 and change, showing down Q♥Q♦. SoulMaster7 flopped top two pair with A♥J♣and raked in the monster pot, eliminating Tommy2tyme in fifth place. He earned $21,850 for his efforts.

With four players remaining, makavelyces found himself on the short stack after dropping back-to-back pots. First, he check-called to the river on a board of 10♣10♥9♠2♠Q♥ against Vingtcent, who turned over a queen-high straight to take down a 362,000 pot. Then, on the very next deal, he and Vingtcent went to war again, capping the betting before the flop, which came down A♥9♣3♦. Makavelyces led out for 25,000, Vingtcent reaised to 50,000 and makavelyces called. The turn came the 9♦ and makavelyces check-called 50,000 from Vingtcent. Makavelyces checked again when the J♠ landed on the river, Vingtcent bet out, and makavelyces made a reluctant call. Vingtcent turned over A♣J♥ for two pair and took down the pot worth half a million chips, leaving makavelyces with 547,000. Makavelyces claimed in the chat box to have had kings cracked on both hands.

Makavelyces was not going to go quietly, however, and over the next twenty minutes, mounted a huge comeback to take the chip lead. First he took a 425,000 pot with nines full of fours from Unassigned, then flopped a set of sevens against Vingtcent to take his stack over a million. Only a few hands later, makavelyces flopped another set (this time eights) against Vingtcent in a huge pot where the betting was capped on the flop, moving up to 1.28 million. Makavelyces’ ascent to the chip lead was complete after two huge back-to-back hands; first hitting a jack-high flush against SoulMaster7 and then making top two pair against Vingtcent. With that hand, makavelyces took his stack up to 2.1 million, while his three opponents all hovered around 800,000.

SoulMaster7 lost back-to-back pots to land on the short stack with about 314,000 in chips before being crippled by Unassigned:

SoulMaster7 was eliminated two hands later, after getting his remaining 74,450 in before the flop holding A♥5♠ and getting a call from Unassigned with 7♣10♦ from the big blind. SoulMaster7 was outflopped, the board running out Q♦10♣5♥J♦9♠, Unassigned hitting a pair of tens to end SoulMaster7’s WCOOP run in fourth place for a $30,590 score.

Though the stacks remained fairly even throughout three-handed play, Vingtcent was the first player to lose ground, his stack eroding from 1.1 million to 300,000 when his final hand unfolded. With the blinds up to 50,000-100,000, Vingtcent opened for a button raise and makavelyces called from the big blind. Makavelyces check-called a bet on the A♥Q♣J♣ flop, then checked again when the 10♠ hit the turn. Vingtcent bet 100,000, makavelyces raised, and Vingtcent called all in, turning over A♣2♠ for top pair. It was no good, however, against makavelyces’ K♣5♠ for an ace-high straight. For his third place finish, Vingtcent collected $44,792.50.

Here’s a look at the chip counts as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 3: Unassigned (2,325,366 in chips)
Seat 6: makavelyces (2,044,634 in chips)

Heads-up play was truly a horse race, the lead swinging back and forth numerous times before makavelyces pulled ahead after winning seven consecutive pots. Unassigned was left crippled with only 335,000, but was able to pull himself back up to 1.2 million in chips within seven hands. Unassigned had chipped up to 1.7 million when he took the chip lead on the following hand:

Unassigned began pulling away at that point, almost immediately taking down a 960,000 pot to chip up to just under 2.9 million. After putting three bets in before the J♦7♣7♥ flop, makavelyces lead out and Unassigned called. The turn came the 10♥ and makavelyces fired out again. Unassigned made the call and they went to the river, which fell the A♥. Makavelyces checked, Unassigned bet, and makavelyces called. Unassigned rivered aces up with A♠K♥ and makavelyces mucked disgutedly.

makavelyces said, “come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”
makavelyces said, “stars”
makavelyces said, “cxome onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”

The two paused for a scheduled break and when play resumed, makavelyces appeared to be tilting hard, unleashing a bit of frustration in the chat box. Play moved at lightning speed and Unassigned had makavelyces on the ropes several times, but he managed to keep coming back from the brink. Finally, Unassigned was able to deliver the final blow, opening for a raise to 160,000 from the button. Makavelyces three-bet, Unassigned capped, and makavelyces called all in, turning over 9♥9♣ to Unassigned’s K♥J♣. In this classic race, Unassigned sprinted into the lead when the flop came down K♦Q♣Q♠, making him top two pair. The turn was the 7♦, the river was the 2♣, and Unassigned earned the WCOOP victory, $83,030, and the champion’s bracelet, which should look just lovely alongside his two SCOOP watches. For his runner-up finish, makavelyces earned $61,180.

Congratulations to Terrence Chan on “unifying the titles” and proving himself to be among the world’s elite limit hold’em tournament players.

terrence chan.jpg

Terrence “Unassigned” Chan, Event #39 champion

WCOOP Event #39 ($1,050 Limit Hold’em 6-max) Results

1. Terrence “Unassigned” Chan $83,030.00
2. Cesar “makavelyces” Fuentes $61,180.00
3. Vingtcent $44,792.50
4. SoulMaster7 $30,590.00
5. Tommy2tyme $21,850.00
6. KINGKUNG $13,984.00

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