Who said stud poker was dead? Not anyone who has been watching the WCOOP action over the last two weeks. Yesterday, 510 players chose to spend their Tuesday checking and raising, scooping and splitting in Event #32, $530 Stud Hi/Lo. 80 players earned shares of the $255,000 prize pool with first place set to earn $47,940.

Apparently stud is all the rage among Team PokerStars Pro, with Gavin Griffin, Steve Paul-Ambrose, Andre Akkari, Joe Hachem, Katja Thater, Jan Heitmann, Jose Ignacio Barbero, Bertrand Grospellier, Jason Mercier, Lex Veldhuis, Barry Greenstein, Greg Raymer, George Danzer, and Lee Nelson all coming out to play. Earning cash finishes were Ylon Schwartz (49th), and Chris Moneymaker (17th). Some others you may recognize? WCOOP Badugi champ Raymond “raydavis77” Davis (36th), PokerStars Blog’s own resident stud expert Adam “STUDstood” Roberts (14th), and 2008 WCOOP champion James “AndyMCLEOD” Obst, who just missed the final table in ninth place.

Here’s how our eight remaining players stacked up as the final table began:

Seat 1: traction1 (379,031 in chips)
Seat 2: TheBigViking (511,927 in chips)
Seat 3: Amke (785,898 in chips)
Seat 4: ExtremeUA (192,292 in chips)
Seat 5: RaiNKhAN (70,616 in chips)
Seat 6: ShawnZJones (853,070 in chips)
Seat 7: oerockets (656,126 in chips)
Seat 8: Boykee (376,040 in chips)

WCOOP 32 FT.jpg

The final member of Team PokerStars Pro in the field, Hevad “RaiNKhAN” Khan, arrived at the final table on the extreme short stack and was eliminated on the second hand of play. Khan had the 4,800 bring-in with the 3♦ up, oerockets completed to 16,000 with the 4♣ and Khan made the call.

RaiNKhAN (4♥) (2♠) 3♦8♥9♦Q♦ (9♥)
oerockets (5♥) (8♠) 4♣6♦6♣2♣ (8♣)

Khan led out on fourth street and oerockets called. On fifth, oerockets made an open pair of sixes and bet out, Khan raised all in for his remaining 47,416, and oerockets made the call. Khan had four to an 8-4 low while oerockets led with his pai of sixes and four to an 8-6 low. Khan bricked on sixth street while oerockets caught a deuce to make his low. Though Khan made a pair of nines on the river, oerockets caught another eight for two pair and scooped the pot, sending Khan to the rail in eighth place. He collected $3,825 for his finish.

As the final seven played on, host Andre Akkari let them all in on a little secret.

aakkari said, “Guys just to let you know that the Champion will win the prize, the Bracelet, and a FREE trip to Bahamas!!”

He’s right–all 45 WCOOP winners will be flown down to the Bahamas during the PokerStars Carribean Adventure for a special bracelet ceremony.

Next to exit the final table was ExtremeUA, who got all 74,238 of his remaining chips in the middle on third street and was called by both ShawnZJones and oerockets.

ExtremeUA (7♠) (7♥) 3♥9♦9♥10♣ (8♣)
oerockets (10♥) (10♦) A♠A♣6♥5♣ (4♣)
ShawnZJones (X) (X) 8♦J♣

With ExtremeUA all-in, betting continued on the side between oerockets and ShawnZJones, but oerockets’ lead bet on fourth street with an open pair of aces chased his opponent away. The cards went on their backs, oerockets well in front with two pair, aces and tens against ExtremeUA’s Pair of sevens. ExtremeUA caught two pair on fifth street but was unable to improve further, ending his tournament with a seventh place finish for $5,737,50.

Forty-five minutes went by before Boykee succumbed in sixth place in a massive three-way pot with ShawnZJones and oerockets.

Boykee (X) (X) 7♦9♠K♥4♦ (X)
ShawnZJones (X) (X) 2♠K♣3♦A♣ (X)
oerockets (X) (X) 8♠2♥5♦4♥ (X)

With everyone in for a full 30,000 bet on third street, ShawnZJones made the high board on fourth and checked the action over to oerockets, who bet. Boykee called and ShawnZJones called. On fifth street Boykee was high and checked, ShawnZJones checked, and oerockets bet out. Both players called. ShawnZJones checked again on sixth street, oerockets bet, Boykee called and ShawnZJones called. The river brought one more check from ShawnZJones and a bet from oerockets. Boykee called all in for less and ShawnZJones called as well. Oerockets turned over 3♣8♥8♣ in the hotel for trip eights and an 8-5-4-3-2 low to scoop both the main and the side pot. Boykee could only muck, his WCOOP run at an end in sixth place. He earned $8,925 for the day’s work.

It seems like traction1 was next in line to go, but he managed to double his short stack to 520,000 during five-handed play. Traction1 got the last of his chips in against oerockets on sixth street, showing a 6-5 low and a gutshot straight draw while oerockets held a pair of aces. Traction1 caught a lucky river card, hitting a four to make a six-high straight to scoop the pot and ensure his survival for at least a little while longer.

Oerockets, however, couldn’t get any traction after that hand. His stack steadily dwindled until he at last made a stand, getting the rest of his chips in on fifth street against ShawnZJones.

Oerockets (2♦) (7♦) 3♦10♠A♦J♣ (7♥)
ShawnZJones (6♥) (7♣) A♣Q♠6♣5♥ (5♠)

Though oerockets was drawing to the nut flush and a seven low, ShawnZJones hit two pair on the river while oerockets missed and headed to the rail in fifth place for a $12,750 payday.

Less than two minutes later, TheBigViking was all in for his tournament life, more than half of his 300,000 chips going in on third street against ShawnZJones and traction1.

TheBigViking (6♠) (2♠) 4♦10♥8♥9♦ (9♥)
traction1 (6♣) (K♣) K♦A♣A♥4♠ (A♠)
ShawnZJones (X) (X) 5♠[J]K♥

Traction1 led out on fourth street and both TheBigViking and ShawnZJones called. Traction1 hit an open pair of aces on fifth street and bet out, TheBigViking calling all in and ShawnZJones giving up his hand. Traction1 was well in front, holding two pair aces and kings, while TheBigViking’s hopes for survival were on his four to an eight low. TheBigViking couldn’t hit another low card, catching running nines instead to send him home in fourth place. He collected $19,125 for his finish.

During three-handed play, the stacks had evened out, everyone holding between 1.1 and 1.5 million in chips before Amke began pulling away from his opponents. After traction1 brought it in with the 2♥, Amke completed to 60,000 with the 7♣ and traction1 made the call.

traction1 (X) (X) 2♥A♠10♦6♦ (X)
Amke (X) (X) 7♣J♣K♦A♣ (X)

Traction1 caught an ace on fourth street and bet out, Amke making the call. Traction1 led again on fifth, sixth, and seventh streets, Amke calling him down. Make showed 4♣9♣5♦ in the hole for an ace-high flush and with neither player making a low, Amke scooped the pot, taking his stack up to 2.4 million.

Traction1 was left with only a few big bets after that hand and he got the rest of his stack in the middle against ShawnZJones about ten minutes later. ShawnZJones brought it in for 18,000, traction1 completed to 60,000, Amke called and ShawnZJones called.

traction1 (2♠) (4♥)4♠J♦A♣10♣ (K♣)
ShawnZJones (6♣) (4♣) 2♥9♦3♣7♦ (6♦)
Amke (X) (X) 3♦K♠

The action was checked to traction1, who bet out. Amke folded and ShawnZJones called. Traction1 led again on fifth and earned a call, but checked on sixth street. ShawnZJones bet and traction1 made the call. Traction1 check-called all in on the river, showing down a pair of fours and no low, but ShawnZJones had him, revealing a pair of sixes and a 7-6 low to send traction1 home in third place for $25,755.

Here’s how our final two stacked up as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 3: Amke (2,415,795 in chips)
Seat 6: ShawnZJones (1,409,205 in chips)

After taking down a 1.3 million pot with trip queens, ShawnZJones took over the chip lead with 2.1 million to Amke’s 1.7 million. Amke was able to chip back up to 2.3 million, but then suffered a steady decline during the latter half of their twenty-minute heads-up match. Whittled down to 214,000 with betting limits of 80,000-160,000, the last of Amke’s chips went in on third street and ShawnZJones made the call.

Amke (4♣) (7♣) 3♥10♣10♠6♦ (K♦)
ShawnZJones (J♥) (A♣) 10♦10♥7♥3♣ (A♥)

By sixth street, both players had a pair of tens, ShawnZJones’ with the better kicker, while Amke also held a draw to a 7-6 low. The river, however, blanked for Amke while ShawnZJones hit the A♥ to make aces up, taking down the pot and sealing up his WCOOP win. For his victory, ShawnZJones took home $47,940, the champion’s bracelet, and a trip to the Bahamas, while runner-up Amke eared the tidy sum of $35,062.50, certainly not bad for a day’s work.

WCOOP Event #32 ($530 Stud Hi/Lo) Results

1. ShawnZJones $47,940.00
2. Amke $35,062.50
3. traction1 $25,755.00
4. The BigViking $19,125.00
5. oerockets $12,750.00
6. Boykee $8,925.00
7. ExtremeUA $5,737.50
8. Hevad “RaiNKhAN” Khan $3,825.00

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