Sometime in the mid-90s, I was sitting in a bar in Colorado after a long day falling down a mountain. On the TV above the bar, men were jumping out of helicopters and then throwing themselves over snow-packed summits with abandon.They called it Extreme Skiing. I was intrigued. Who were these men? How did they live? Why did my back hurt so much?

What I’m about to offer you is, hopefully, just as exciting, but without the risk of a compound fracture and gushing head wound.

See, you might have heard about this thing PokerStars does called the World Championship of Online Poker. PokerStars guarantees $40,000,000 (that’s 40 million bucks for the zero counting impaired) over 45 different poker events. Over 18 days in September, we’re going to see the online poker equivalent of some extreme skiing and we don’t have to leave the comfort of our easy chair (and we can sit around in our underwear!).

You can read all about it, see a schedule, and get all excited over at the PokerStars WCOOP page. In the meantime, there might be some of you out there who aren’t necessarily ready to throw your bankroll off a cliff and see what happens. Fortunately, PokerStars has come up with a solution. Say it with me…

Extreme satellites!

Okay, I’ll be honest. I didn’t know what Extreme Satellites were when I heard the term, either. I imagined something like single table qualifiers using scorpions instead of chips or using Chuck Manson as a dealer.

Instead, starting next week (August 4th to be exact), PokerStars is going to run 12 days of hard core qualifiers. Two or three times a day, for as little as $7.50, you’re going to be able to play in satellites in which (and this is the extreme part) PokerStars is adding between 50 and 100 seats per event.


Yeah, like the Spanish Inquisition, I didn’t expect it, either.

So get ready for some pretty significant overlays and a chance to play in poker’s most extreme online poker series. For a complete schedule of these qualifiers, see the PokerStars WCOOP Extreme Satellites web page.

If you need a little inspiration to get yourself going, here’s a look at the 2008 Main Event highlight show.

Watch WCOOP Highlights: $5,200 Main Event on PokerStars.tv

In the meantime, go get extreme. We dare you.


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