If you’re sitting there on this Friday and thinking, “Man, I have a good life,” we congratulate you. Nice work. Hope it all works out. That said, your life can’t possibly be as good as Shaun Deeb’s.

See about this time last year, Deeb was in between two big European Poker Tour events, hanging out on the balcony of a penthouse suite, sitting in a jacuzzi, and smoking from a hookah.

All that by itself would pretty much vault Deeb into the ranks of People Who Have a Life Better Than Everybody Else.


But, of course, that wasn’t all. At the same time Deeb was doing all that, he also happened to be playing in the final table of the 2008 WCOOP Event #25, a PLO rebuy event. How did it end? Well, that isn’t hard to guess. He is The Deeb. He doesn’t just place. He looks out over the Mediterranean, takes a drag from the hookah, and wins. Because he is The Deeb. Because his life is better than everybody else.

How good? Well, you can go here to read about Deeb’s win.

Because life has treated him so well, Deeb agreed to sit down with the likes of us and talk about what it is like to be him, live the good life, and win a WCOOP event.

Thanks, Shaun, for taking the time and letting us recognize how mundane and boring our existences really are.

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If you’d like to start working toward a life like Deeb’s feel free to check out the brand neew web site, WCOOP.com


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