2008 World Series: At the feature tables, or not…

July 15, 2008

As each break approaches spectators are asked to leave the Amazon Room for a 20 minute spell waiting outside in the corridors before players return to their seats and they’re allowed back in. This process has got wilder over the last day or so. Security release the door latches and through them race dozens of keen, and often very fast supporters dashing for seats on the feature table. Security calls out for calm for now running and an orderly procession, but this largely falls on deaf ears.

If you’re stuck without a seat, or more likely a good standing position at either of the two tables, you’re left wandering around the back of the set listening to the announcer call the hands. It’s not much different to listening to baseball on the radio. It’s not bad but you miss the sound of wood on leather (cards on felt), the smell of hotdogs (the free peanuts at the feature table bar) and the sheer wonder of a home run (an all-in called).

But you get a good idea even if you can’t see for yourself and if the worst comes to the worst you could always get your running shoes on and start a line outside ahead of the next break.

David ‘Chino’ Rheem

If you’d been quicker through the door and had a perched overlooking either of the tables you would have seen PokerStars player David ‘Chino’ Rheem doubling up in spectacular crowd pleasing fashion, catching a king on the river with his K9 to beat the pocket sixes of Joe Bishop to continue an incredible run that has seen him drop down to 3.8 million before returning now to 12.4 million.

Ylon Schwartz

And over on the main table, PokerStars player Ylon Schwartz just paid out to Nicholas Sliwinski when his AJ hit an ace on the turn to crush Ylon’s pocket tens.


In the waning moments before the dinner break, PokerStars qualifier Owen “ocrowe” Crowe looked for a key double up. He went in with 99 against AQ. The flop, JJT, didn’t kill him, but it opened up a lot of outs that could put him out. A queen fell on the turn and Crowe did not catch up on the river. He finished in 15th place for more than $463,000.

Owen Crowe.jpg


Still in the main event is PokerStars player Gert Andersen, who spoke to the PokerStars video blog team earlier today about his progress…

Watch WSOP 08: Gert Andersen Goes Deep on PokerStars.tv


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