10 need to know facts about SCOOP 2022

May 04, 2022inPoker

Here we take you through ten need to know facts about SCOOP 2022, presenting in FAQ format so that you can quickly learn everything you need to know about the series.

When does SCOOP 2022 start and finish?

SCOOP 2022 starts Sunday, May 8 and runs until June 1. That’s a little over three weeks of tournament action.

How many events and tournaments are on the SCOOP 2022 schedule?

There are 107 events. Each event runs at three buy-in tiers, Low, Medium and High. That means there’s three tournaments per event and 318 tournaments across the entire series.

What prizes are on offer?

SCOOP 2022 offers total guaranteed prize pools of $78.5 million. The highest prize pools are in the Main Events.

When are the SCOOP Main Events?

The SCOOP Main Events run on May 29. There’s an $109 low stakes Main Event with $2.5M gtd, a $1,050 Medium stakes Main Event with $4.5M gtd, and an $10,300 High stakes Main Event with $5M gtd. You’ll also find PLO Main Events running the same day.

Can low stakes players get involved in SCOOP?

Although SCOOP is considered one of the most prolific online poker series on the yearly calendar, there’s lots on offer for players of all levels. The ‘Low’ tier offers the smallest stakes for each event, with direct buy-ins starting from just $2.20. There are a total of 34 tournaments running for $5.50 or less, and a further 40 running for $11. It’s also possible to gain low cost satellite entry to the higher stakes events.

Is it all Texas Hold ’em?

Absolutely not! Texas Hold ’em is by far the most popular type of poker, so as you’d expect many of the events are held in this format. But you’ll also find Omaha, Razz, Draw and Stud, as well as mixed games like HORSE and 8-Game on the SCOOP 2022 schedule. In fact, there are 32 non NLHE events (96 tournaments), with one or more running nearly every day throughout the series.

Why are there no SCOOP games on Fridays?

SCOOP runs for over three weeks. For players who grind every day this can be quite intense and exhausting. That’s why Fridays are dedicated rest days. It’s a chance for players to regroup and recuperate. No events start on Fridays, although Day 2s continue.

What’s the SCOOP 01 Phased event all about?

You may have noticed that SCOOP 01 is the Phased event. This special type of tournament is running throughout the series at three buy-in levels, $2.20, $11 and $55. If you survive Phase 1, your chip stack will carry over to Phase 2 where you’ll play for huge prizes. Phase 2s are running on May 30.

What’s new for 2022?

We’re always looking to improve the SCOOP experience for players. New for 2022 is the Women’s Event (SCOOP 96), running at $5.50, $22 and $109. There’s also a neat new promotion on called the SCOOP Pick-A-Box game. Pick from one of six boxes every day for a chance to win SCOOP tickets, with $250k in tickets on offer every week. Head to the ‘Challenges’ window to take part.

Can I stream SCOOP 2022 events?

You certainly can! PokerStars TV will be streaming 10 days of cards-up coverage for SCOOP 2022, including three days of the Main Event, as well as the $10k and $25k High Rollers. You can also follow your favorite Twitch streamers for a personal glimpse into their SCOOP journeys.



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