10 million man George ‘Jorj95’ Lind winning in life and poker

May 23, 2013

Do you know George Jorj95′ Lind III? You should. Not only is he the first player to have crossed the monumental 10,000,000 VPP barrier, but the member of Team PokerStars Online is also contesting for the SCOOP 2013 leader board. Lind has racked up 15 cashes in the series so far including two 2nd place finishes, SCOOP #6-H and SCOOP #15-H (those two results alone are worth more than $50,000) and have helped him to 11th place If his name still isn’t ringing any bells then we suggest you quickly apprise yourself of his bio page here.

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At the beginning of the month Lind challenged himself with a three-pronged goal: to make a million VPP in May while maintaining a pre-rakeback profit and lose ten pounds in weight at the same time. You can read his insane goal declaration at his personal blog.


One mill in a month? Ain’t no thang

The challenge
Moving into the final quarter of the challenge Lind has nailed two of the three goals, breaking 1 million VPP and losing 10 pounds, but the third is proving to be a little problematic right now.

“Unfortunately i got crushed today, losing like $50k, now I’m only up $2k pre-rakeback on the month. Gonna be a sweat for this last goal!”
– Jorj95’s blog, 23 May

Well, even two out of three ain’t bad, but don’t go betting against Jorj95.


It’s tight at the moment

Free vacation! (with every 10,000,000 VPPs)
You can have a free holiday. Yeah, PokerStars will give you travel, accommodation and spending money, just so long as you earn 10,000,000 VPPs. You can read about the incredible family holiday of a lifetime at Jorj95’s personal blog (although it’s Mrs George writing as the challenge is on!) It started in Japan here but you can read about the whole trip through the links below.

Anchorage glacier bay
Dutch Hrabour and Kodiak
Kobe and Petropavlovsk

While Japan can be a fairly alien environment it is made a lot easier thanks to Naoya ‘nkeyno’ Kihara stepping in as a makeshift guide and paper sumo opponent.


Team Online on the town


Apparently you have tap the table a lot…

SCOOPing it up
Lind really should have made it a four-handed challenge by throwing in a top ten SCOOP leaderboard finish into the mix. He’d be on for a sweat with that one, too. Lind is currently sat in 11th position with 305 points. SCOOP hero Shaun Deeb is, of course, at the top of the leader board with 410 points. Read about that here.

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