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EPT11 London: Sebastian Pauli becomes champion No 100, denying Cody and MacP

Only the worst hack writer starts a sport report with a line of poetry, and the cliche only grows more abhorrent when the poet in question is Rudyard Kipling. But if you can keep your head when all about you are losing'll be a man, my son!Tonight at the Grand Connaught Rooms, the venue ...more

by Howard Swains on October 18, 2014 5:09 PM

EPT11 London: Midnight in the Main Event

We expected as much. The atmosphere in the Grand Hall is now a lot different to what it was 12 hours ago. The same goes for six hours ago. Gone are the crowds of Brits and Irish, the followers of Jake Cody and Kevin Killeen, who leave behind a silent space, filled only with the humming of the air co...more

by Stephen Bartley on October 18, 2014 4:45 PM

EPT11 London: No double for Cody, out in fifth

The tournament room at the Grand Connaught is a quieter place right now, for the nearest thing it had to a local hero is out. Jake Cody is the fifth place finisher, the Team Pro falling agonisingly close to a second EPT title, but too hurt by a pot against Kevin MacPhee's flush to make it those last...more

by Stephen Bartley on October 18, 2014 2:30 PM

EPT11 London: Andrew Chen wins EPT London High Roller and £394,200

A stunned Andrew Chen is tonight £394,200 better off after winning the EPT London High Roller title. He went from the shortest stack with three players left to High Roller champion in the space of 20 minutes. Andrew Chen - EPT London High Roller championBut let's rewind for a moment. When we checked...more

by Nick Wright on October 18, 2014 12:37 PM

EPT11 London: The view from the infield as Cody doubles up

With the way things are going, if Jake Cody and Kevin Killeen reach the heads-up stage of this final table in the early hours of tomorrow morning, the stage will look something like the infield after the Kentucky Derby. They have the most vocal supporters and drink has been taken. It has since been ...more

by Stephen Bartley on October 18, 2014 10:49 AM

EPT11 London: A trip to the dark side of Olde London Towne

There aren't enough poker players named Jack. That's the only conclusion to be drawn from the absence of a player whose nickname is "The Ripper".By way of addressing this deficiency, and in order to bring you another dispatch from Old London Towne, Laura Cornelius of went on a Jack The...more

by Howard Swains on October 18, 2014 9:18 AM

EPT11 London: The waiting game

Not all players will admit to it, but no one, absolutely no one, wants to bust a final table first -- and it's the guys in the middle who get squeezed the most. The big stacks have the chips to allow for a couple of mis-steps, while the short stacks can do their best to ladder up. But it's the playe...more

by Nick Wright on October 18, 2014 9:09 AM

EPT11 London: A few observations after the first few hours of play

The Grand Connaught Rooms have a long connection with Freemasonry, whose headquarters are in the magnificent Freemason's Hall adjacent. It means you quite often see men dressed in suits and ties, carrying square shaped briefcases, arriving on Great Queen Street, disembarking from mini-buses that hav...more

by Stephen Bartley on October 18, 2014 9:09 AM

EPT11 London: High Rollers cast into expensive purgatory, have fun anyway

It's that time of the week again when PokerStars Blog attempts to drum up some sympathy for a small group of millionaires. Pity the poor high rollers, we say, cast to the boondocks to play out their final table. There are no studio lights, there's no top billing in the main ballroom and there's almo...more

by Howard Swains on October 18, 2014 7:40 AM

EPT11 London: Do not adjust your sets, this is not the highlights reel

If you've been watching EPT Live from the start of this final table you could be forgiven for thinking you've tuned in to the highlights show. Hand after hand we've seen multiple players be dealt playable hands and it's made for some fascinating poker. "This has been one of the best hours we've ever...more

by Nick Wright on October 18, 2014 7:04 AM
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Live Tournament Coverage

EPT11 London High Roller

Congratulations to Andrew Chen, winner of EPT London High Roller and £394,200!

EPT11 London Main Event

Congratulations to Sebastian Pauli, winner of the EPT11 London Main Event and £499,700. The 100th EPT Champion

LAPT7 Peru

Congratulations to Oscar Alache, winner of the LAPT7 Peru Grand Final Main Event and $135,488