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Border test: Are you better than Phil Ivey?

I went on a cool road trip with one of my best friends from Holland. He came to visit me in Toronto, and the two of us took a trip into the U.S. to visit various places. It was a lot of fun, both to see new places and meet new people, and also in some cases to see how people responded to us, too. ...more

by Lex Veldhuis on April 9, 2014 7:22 AM

The best distraction

Another WCOOP Challenge Series finished up at the end of March, and it occurred to me that I hadn't shared my story from the last one. The day before it started I had surgery for a hernia and unfortunately had some post-op complications with bleeding. Many of you many not know, but I'm a surgeon mys...more

by Michael Keiner on April 8, 2014 6:51 AM

Shifting sights on Supernova Elite

I am writing just as my girlfriend and I are about to go wall climbing. I think I was 12 years old the last time I went wall climbing! Last time I was talking about a plan possibly to go for Supernova Elite this year. I'm still considering it, but my recent move to London and other factors have k...more

by Matthias De Meulder on April 7, 2014 8:53 AM

Czech? Raise!

It has been a while since I've posted, so I wanted to catch up some with what I've been up to lately... and with what I am looking forward to in the coming months. The year has gotten off to a good start for me, poker-wise. I decided this year I'd like to focus more on the live tournaments we have...more

by Martin Hruby on April 4, 2014 7:55 AM

Hitting the road looking for gold

The Winter Olympics recently finished up in Sochi, which as you can imagine kind of took over life here in Russia for a good while. It was really amazing -- the first Olympic games I've been able to experience. Russia is kind of a strange country, at least in the way people from other countries ...more

by Max Lykov on April 3, 2014 8:38 AM

Tips for playing live poker

I know a lot of players who start out playing online at PokerStars eventually make the move to start playing live poker, and so I thought I'd share three tips that might be helpful to those who are new to playing live. There's a lot that is different and which requires adjustment, but keeping these...more

by Henrique Pinho on April 2, 2014 8:08 AM

Playing under the sword of Damocles

I began this year thinking about the possibility of going for Supernova Elite, with me and my brother, Matthias, challenging each other. It's proven quite a test, and in fact I've already learned a lot about myself and my game just by making the attempt. I started off the year pretty fast, althoug...more

by Christophe De Meulder on April 1, 2014 7:44 AM

Sensory deprivation turns to appreciation

I've had some interesting experiences lately, involving sensory overload and sensory deprivation, which has been an interesting and enlightening contrast. The year started off promising with a decent run in the PCA and Aussie Millions Main Events. At Aussie Millions, I had been doing really well o...more

by Angel Guillen on March 28, 2014 6:59 AM

A case for freezeouts

I've just returned to Europe after a trip to California. I used to spend almost four months a year in the United States, but aside from the World Series of Poker, I don't get the chance to come to the U.S. very often anymore. For the last five years in a row I've played the World Poker Tour event in...more

by ElkY on March 25, 2014 9:37 AM

Coach Jason "No Tilt" Mercier

The year has gotten off to a good start for me. I've played 12 live tournaments so far in 2014 and cashed six of them, including cashing the first three Main Events I played. Today I'm in the final 19 of the WPT event in Jacksonville, Florida and hoping to make the final table. It has been a nice...more

by Jason Mercier on March 24, 2014 10:18 AM
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