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April 30, 2019inEvents

Looking to improve your poker game? You’re in the right place. Here’s what’s new this week from our friends at PokerStars School.

Question of the Week: EPT Open Madrid Edition

PokerStars School is your ace in the hole for EPT Open Madrid satellite tickets

Have you ever wanted to play a live EPT event? This week PokerStars School wants to give you a chance to qualify for the next one on the schedule — and for free, no less!

You can earn a chance to attend the EPT Open Madrid in June by answering one simple question in 40 words or more. Even better, you already have a head start because you just read the question in the previous paragraph:

Have you ever wanted to play a live EPT event?

Head over to the PokerStars School forums and post your answer before the end of the week. The top five answers as judged by the moderation team will win an $11 EPT Open Madrid satellite ticket, and the overall winner will receive 25T$.

Learn to interpret BB/100 and you’ll know when it’s time to move up in stakes

What is BB/100?

Have you ever heard someone boasting or moaning about their BB/100 in their regular game and thought to yourself, “What in the world are they talking about?”

Put simply, BB/100 is your win rate — the number of big blinds you earn per 100 hands played. It’s one of the best ways to determine when you should consider moving up in stakes, and also a way to measure just how tough your opponents are.

Click over to Pete Clarke’s explanation of one of the most fundamental statistics in poker and learn what your BB/100 says about your game (or your opponents’).

Taking notes: one of the most underrated skills in poker

Taking good notes while you play is one of the most underrated skills in poker

When you’re trying to become a better poker player, it’s tempting to only focus on the big picture. Sometimes, though, leveling up requires getting into the nitty-gritty nooks and crevices of your game that are easy to overlook.

One of those is note-taking. If you’re not in the habit of taking notes on your opponents while you play, you’re probably missing chances to take advantage of your opponents’ tendencies. But where to start? This week OP-Poker’s Nick Walsh offers you not one but two videos focused on the art of taking notes.

The first focuses on why you should take notes, Nick’s process for note-taking while playing, and how you can use those notes in your future games. In the second video, Nick plays a session of $15 Spin & Go’s and talks through his process.

Check out the videos here and here and boost your note-taking game today!

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