Guess how many people applied to be part of Team PokerStars Online this year?

Five hundred. That’s right, 500 PokerStars Supernovas turned in applications to become the next online representatives under the flag of the big red spade. Needless to say, picking the next three members was more than a laborious task. At the head of the decision-making process was the Team Online manager, Chris Jonat.

“We had a number of fantastic candidates during the open application process, many of whom we’ll be keeping tabs on going forward,” Jonat said. “Ultimately, we chose people who represented game types and countries that were new to our Team.”

The results? Envelope please…

Your next three members of Team Online are…

Katerina ‘Katerina289’ Malasidou

Oh, you know this name already, do you? So do we. Malasidou happens to be Team Online’s Andre Coimbra’s girlfriend. He convinced the woman from Greece to quit her job and focus on poker. And wouldn’t you know it? She rocks. She’s already made enough money to survive on her poker winnings and spends a lot of time in the hyper-turbo SNGs.

You can read more about her here: Katerina ‘Katerina289’ Malasidou

8G2A3418__TeamOnline_Katerina_Malasidou_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Katerina ‘Katerina289’ Malasidou

Matthias ‘Mati312’ Brandner

Matthias ‘Mati312’ Brandner is a specialist. How special? Well, not too many years ago, there were online players who didn’t know Badugi was a game. Brandner now knows that game better than most and can now boast of being Team Online’s Badugi ringer. The IT graduate from the University of Vienna now makes bank playing as big as $100/$200 in all the lowball games.

You can read more about him here: Matthias ‘Mati312’ Brandner


Matthias ‘Mati312’ Brandner

Luka ‘LukaSteel’ Kovač

Every team needs a good Limit Hold’em specialist. That is now Luka ‘LukaSteel’ Kovač. The one-time competitive skier switched to poker after getting off the mountain. It sated his competitive jones. He has paid his way through college, never lost his first deposit, and never had a 9-5 job.

You can read more about him here: Luka ‘LukaSteel’ Kovač


Luka ‘LukaSteel’ Kovač

Congratulations to all three new members. Let us know when you get your first red spade patch on your arm.

And for the other 497 of you who applied but didn’t make it, keep working. You never know when another spot is going to open up.

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