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September 05, 2019

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WCOOP is right around the corner — the first event starts in just a bit at 6 p.m. BST!

While our PokerStars Ambassadors are gearing up for a shot at millions of dollars just like the rest of you, they’re also preparing themselves for the slings and arrows of WCOOP Bingo.

What is WCOOP Bingo, you ask? It’s a chance for you to score some cash even if you don’t play in any WCOOP events yourself. Have a gander at the card above and we’ll explain.

Spraggy’s excited about this bingo thing

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

The WCOOP Bingo card features 25 tasks with different values added to them. Whenever an Ambassador clears a task first, they will unlock the given reward for this task.

After WCOOP, we will sum up the amount that each Ambassador has unlocked and then run a single freeroll for each of them with their unlocked reward as the prize pool.

There are fives tasks each for playing in WCOOP events and cashing in WCOOPs, with the cash value for these ranging from $50 to $300. And four tasks of scoring KOs are worth anywhere from $50 to $250. Some of these are going to get claimed pretty quickly, but the more valuable ones will take some real effort.

The big money

In addition there is a group of 10 named tasks, which carry higher cash values:

Hey Chris Moneymaker, how many Ambassadors will get a cash bounty for tweeting their 5-4 to you?

1. The Moneymaker: Tweet a picture of yourself getting 5-4 to @CMONEYMAKER – $300
2. Not So EasyWithAces: Lose a hand all-in with A-A – $300
3. Bubbleboy: Bubble a tournament (or bust within 20 places from cashing) – $400
4. Stakes Don’t Matter: Play the same event number in two different stake levels – $200
5. Hey Friend: Get on a table with a Team Pro (Red Spade member) & tweet a screenshot to them – $400
6. Close But No Cigar: Make the final 3 tables of an event but don’t win – $500
7. Dream Big: Final Table a WCOOP Event – $600
8. Is that a good hand?: Make Quads or Better in a WCOOP Event – $300
9. Share the Love: Give away WCOOP Tickets via Marble Race – $250
10. Mix it up: Play a non-Hold’em event – $100

An extra $1,000 is added for completing the whole card first or clearing the most tasks in total, giving Ambassadors incentive to clear tasks that have already been cleared by someone else. Whoever completes the card or matches the most tasks cleared will get $500 added.

And for a final, added bonus, the Ambassador who runs deepest in the Main Event – Low will earn a final $1,500.

It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon

The first WCOOP Bingo squares will certainly be claimed early on, but the game will carry on throughout this month as WCOOP plays out. You can keep tabs on how things are going right here on the blog, or by checking out all the PokerStars Twitch channels.

UPDATE 1: Monday, September 9

After a full weekend of WCOOP action, it’s time to see where our Ambassadors stand. Or, to be more precise, to see just how far ahead of the field Lex Veldhuis is:

Lex has been an absolute terminator so far this series, claiming an amazing 18 boxes out of 25 over the weekend — no surprise, really, given how competitive he is. But he missed out on the “Hey Friend” box when Spraggy got to it first:

That didn’t sit well with Lex:

We’ll have more updates for you as the series goes on, but Lex is already looking like he’s going to be very difficult to catch!

UPDATE 2: Wednesday, September 11

Not much movement the last two days, but both Spraggy and Lex cleared the Bubble Boy square that Pleb had already cleared over the first weekend. Here’s what the full card looks like at the moment:

The squares are beginning to fill up with names…

UPDATE 3: Thursday, September 12

Pye and Pleb both had a chance to clear their Moneymaker square yesterday:

UPDATE 4: Tuesday, September 17

Seeing as almost every box on the card has now been claimed, we’ve moved the Main Event Last Longer to become a Bonus Task.

But as you can see, a new cashing tier has been added: “Cash 20 WCOOP Events”.

PokerStars Ambassadors Lex Veldhuis and Ben “Spraggy” Spragg have proven very competitive about the cashing tier, even butting heads over who was first over the line in the “Cash 10 WCOOP Events”.

We ended up giving it to both of them, each receiving $250 for a community freeroll.

Another change to point out is that the “Cash 15 Events” value has risen from $300 to $500.

Lex has now cleared both the “Close but no cigar” and “Dream big” boxes with his second-place finish in WCOOP-30-H for more than $90K.

As of right now, that makes the prize pool for Lex’s freeroll a tasty $4,650.


Arlie Shaban received an extra $300 for hitting a Royal Flush in a WCOOP Event.

Arlie Shaban hits a royal

We also ran a last longer in the Sunday Million on 08/09. Felix “xflixx” Schneiders lasted longer in the Mini Milly, worth $250 for his freeroll. Spraggy was the last streamer standing in the main Milly, worth $500 to his freeroll.


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