In the United States tonight a big round of primaries and caucuses in multiple states gave today the nickname “Super Tuesday.” But on PokerStars every Tuesday is Super Tuesday, the name given to the popular weekly $1,050 no-limit hold’em tournament that routinely attracts poker’s best and brightest.

No need to take any polls or hold a vote to declare tonight’s big winner — TDO6H20G of Canada, who topped a big field of 532 to earn a handsome $101,080 payday.


That turnout meant a prize pool of $532,000, well over the event’s $425K guarantee. It would take close to six hours to play down to 63 players and for the bubble to burst, at which point Stephen “woody1234321” Woodhead, manyadecano, and Ryan “HITTHEPANDA” Franklin were battling for first position on the leaderboard.

About 90 minutes after that Ryan “HITTHEPANDA” Franklin had been ousted in 25th ($3,192), manyadecano had slipped back to an average stack, and Stephen “woody1234321” Woodhead was still hovering near the top. Meanwhile with 18 players left Nick “chilenocl” Yunis had moved up into the top spot in the counts.

Adrijan_S (18th), cctt2 (17th), and Tommy “TMoney0209” Miller (16th) were the next out, earning $4,256 each. manyadecano (15th), EspenasApart (14th), and Incognita93 (13th) then followed, picking up $5,320 apiece. Then Charlie “Epiphany77” Carrel (12th), Gratitdude (11th), and Mark “AceSpades11” Radoja (10th) were successively eliminated, earning $6,384 each for not quite making the final table.

With Stephen “woody1234321” Woodhead back in front — and eventual winner TDO6H20G just a few chips ahead of the shortest stack — the final table was underway.


Seat 1: NormyDozer (Australia) — 116,718
Seat 2: brights88 (Lebanon) — 367,933
Seat 3: Paul “pvas2” Vas Nunes (United Kingdom) — 234,408
Seat 4: Nick “chilenocl” Yunis (Chile) — 273,904
Seat 5: maggess88 (Netherlands) — 399,277
Seat 6: TDO6H20G (Canada) — 116,733
Seat 7: Stephen “woody1234321” Woodhead (Mexico) — 492,486
Seat 8: moneyinbag (Mexico) — 477,221
Seat 9: Eccentric_BG (Bulgaria) — 181,320

On just the third hand of the final table, the blinds were 3,600/7,200 when moneyinbag opened for 15,696 from middle position, brights88 three-bet to 41,192 from the button, moneyinbag made it 93,147 to go, brights88 shoved for 347,233 total, and moneyinbag called.

brights88 had picked up Q♠Q♣ but had run into moneyinbag’s A♠A♣, and five cards later — 7♦K♠6♥10♦J♠ — brights88 was out in ninth.

The tournament’s nine-hour mark passed and a few minutes later Nick “chilenocl” Yunis min-raised to 16,000 from early position, then moneyinbag reraised to 42,337 from the button. It folded back to Yunis who four-bet to 92,404, moneyinbag responded with an all-in shove, and Yunis called with the 218,296 he had left.

Yunis had Q♣Q♠ this time while moneyinbag had picked up A♥K♥. A runout of 9♠8♥5♥Q♥7♣ followed, adding up to a set of queens for Yunis but a heart flush for moneyinbag, pushing the latter way out in front with the chip lead while stopping Yunis in eighth.


Nick “chilenocl” Yunis
The final seven played on another half-hour with moneyinbag continuing to accumulate and add to the lead, then came two knockouts on successive hands.

In the first Paul “pvas2” Vas Nunes open-raised all in for 137,090 (just under 14 big blinds) from the hijack with A♦10♣, then TDO6H20G reraised from the button with A♥J♥ and the blinds got out. The board came 8♠9♦5♣Q♥K♠, and Vas Nunes hit the rail in seventh.


Paul “pvas2” Vas Nunes
On the next hand NormyDozer open-pushed from UTG for 87,710 (just under nine BBs) with Q♦J♦, got called by moneyinbag in the small blind with 6♣6♦, and watched the board come 8♣2♥K♥2♠2♦. That made a full house for moneyinbag and knocked out NormyDozer in sixth.

The remaining five played on, approaching the tournament’s 10-hour mark. Then came a hand in which TDO6H20G made a just over 2x raise to 26,400 from UTG, moneyinbag called from the button, then maggess88 reraise-shoved for 92,999 from the big blind. TDO6H20G responded by shoving all in, and moneyinbag stepped aside.

maggess88 had A♦K♠ and was hoping to improve versus TDO6H20G’s 10♣10♥. But the jack-high board, coming 7♣6♦8♥4♣J♦, failed to help maggess88 who was eliminated in fifth.

moneyinbag remained in front for the next short stretch, but then fell back to be caught by the others, then after losing a couple of medium-sized pots was suddenly down to 132,825 (about 8.5 BBs) and open-pushing all in from UTG.

TDO6H20G called from the big blind in a flash, turning over A♠A♣ which had moneyinbag’s A♥Q♥ dominated. The board came 4♦2♦K♦K♠Q♦, TDO6H20G had the better two pair, and moneyinbag was out in fourth.

Not too long after TDO6H20G proposed the idea of a chop and Stephen “woody1234321” Woodhead said he was willing to look at numbers. Both of those two had a little over 1 million, but Eccentric_BG — sitting with about 550,000 — wanted to play on and so they did.

They pushed past the 11-hour mark, then about 10 minutes after that the blinds were 12,500/25,000 when TDO6H20G raised to 55,000 from the button/UTG, Eccentric_BG called from the big blind, and the flop came K♣5♠10♦. Eccentric_BG checked, TDO6H20G bet 44,837, Eccentric_BG check-raised to 128,396, TDO6H20G pushed all in, and Eccentric_BG called with the 161,209 behind.

Both had flopped top pair, but TDO6H20G’s K♦Q♦ meant a better kicker versus Eccentric_BG’s K♠8♦. The case king — the K♥ — fell on the turn, then after the 3♠ completed the board Eccentric_BG was out in third.

That hand gave TDO6H20G a big advantage to start heads-up play with 2,115,296 versus Stephen “woody1234321” Woodhead’s 544,704, nearly a 4-to-1 edge. After 10 hands Woodhead had chipped up close to 610,000, but the 11th hand would spell the end for Woodhead.

It began with a just-over-2x raise to 52,500 by Woodhead from the button, with TDO6H20G then three-betting to 132,888 and Woodhead calling. The flop fell A♥10♥5♣, TDO6H20G bet 92,488, and Woodhead called. The turn then brought the Q♠ and an all-in shove from TDO6H20G, and after spending a while in the tank Woodhead decided to call and commit his last 381,278.


Stephen “woody1234321” Woodhead
Woodhead had A♠6♠ for a pair of aces, but TDO6H20G had the same hand with a better kicker with A♣9♠. The river was the 2♠ and it was all over — TDO6H20G had won.

The pundits all agree — it was a great performance by TDO6H20G, winner of this week’s Super Tuesday on PokerStars.

3/1/16 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold’em) results
Entrants: 532
Prize pool: $532,000.00
Places paid: 63

1. TDO6H20G (Canada) $101,080.00
2. Stephen “woody1234321” Woodhead (Mexico) $74,480.00
3. Eccentric_BG (Bulgaria) $54,530.00
4. moneyinbag (Mexico) $41,496.00
5. maggess88 (Netherlands) $29,260.00
6. NormyDozer (Australia) $22,610.00
7. Paul “pvas2” Vas Nunes (United Kingdom) $17,290.00
8. Nick “chilenocl” Yunis (Chile) $11,970.00
9. brights88 (Lebanon) $8,831.20

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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