If you’re looking ahead to the MicroMillions Main Event this Sunday, here’s a quick update on two ways you can win your seat for much less than the $22 buy-in.

They are…

  • Second Chance All-in Shootouts
  • New daily 100-seat mega-satellites

To earn tickets to Second Chance all-in shootouts, all you need to do is play any MicroMillions event this week (buy-ins starting at $1.10).

If you bust without making the money, you’ll get a free ticket into an all-in shootout the following day at 10:00 ET.

These shootouts give away $2,000 worth of free MicroMillions tickets. Including tickets to the Main Event this Sunday.

The shootouts run each day until this Sunday November 24. They could help take the sting out of any early exits, and keep you playing MicroMillions.

Then there are new mega-satellites running each day between now and Sunday. These give you a great way to play the Main Event if your bankroll doesn’t stretch to the full buy-in.

These events cost $1.10 to play and start at 13:35 ET (6.35pm UK) each day. The best bit is that each one has 100 seats guaranteed.

Of course, if you prefer to take a more direct approach you can buy into the Main Event now via the tournament lobby.

There’s a $1 million guarantee and the first prize is usually around the six-figure mark. All for just $22. Or $1.10 in a mega-satellite.

Good luck!


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