Greatest SCOOP players of all time (2022): Connor ‘blanconegro’ Drinan

March 27, 2021inPoker

Connor Drinan is a real OG. He recorded his first online poker result in 2007, and now has over $8.9 million in online cashes. Respect. Drinan is also a highly successful live player and, with six titles to his name, he’s one of the greatest SCOOP players of all time.

Here’s everything you need to know about Connor Drinan; the person, the player, and his achievements in the poker world.

Who is Connor Drinan?

Name: Connor Drinan
D.O.B: June 20 1989.
Birthplace: Columbia, Canada
Playing online since: June 2007
Number of tournament cashes: 3,074 (Apr. 2022)
Online poker tournament earnings: $9 million (Apr. 2022)

Connor Drinan plays online poker at PokerStars, where he has earned the majority of his $8.9 million in online winnings. In his early days, Drinan also played on FullTilt. He goes by the name “blanconegro” online.

Drinan was once ranked fourth in the PocketFive world rankings. Nowadays he mostly plays in major series like SCOOP and WCOOP, where he has shown incredible talent and finesse, especially in recent years. Drinan had a record breaking SCOOP in 2020, earning five titles.

Poker achievements and accolades

Connor Drinan has earned numerous poker accolades throughout his career. He earned all three of his WCOOP titles in the late 2000s, and all of his six SCOOP titles in the last two years.

Drinan is something of an Omaha specialist. Although he’s won more than his fair share of Hold ‘em tourneys, the majority of Drinan’s stand out achievements, including four of his COOP titles, were in Omaha events.

Here’s a list of Drinan’s poker accolades:

SCOOP titles: 6
Bounty Builder Series: 1
Winter Series: 1

One of greatest SCOOP players of all time

Connor Drinan is one of the greatest SCOOP players of all time

Connor Drinan is one of the greatest SCOOP players of all time, with six titles. He earned his first SCOOP title in the 2019 $2k High Roller event, which he won for $167k.

In 2020, Drinan’s online poker career reached new heights. He became the first player in history to record five SCOOP wins in one series. How did he do this? By absolutely crushing the Omaha events. Including the $10k PLO Main Event, which earned Drinan his biggest ever online score of $322,264.

Here’s the full list of his SCOOP title wins:

  • 2019 – 70-M: $2,100 High Roller (8-Max) – $167,574
  • 2020 – 34-H: $530 PLO8 (8-Max) – $34,420
  • 2020 – 40-H: $5,200 PLO (6-Max) – $152,011
  • 2020 – 45-M: $215 NLO8 (6-Max) PKO – $28,358
  • 2020 – 56-H: $1,050 HORSE – $30,232
  • 2020 – 75-H: $10,300 PLO, 6-Max, PLO Main Event – $322,264

Drinan’s earned all five of his 2020 titles over the course of nine days, from May 9 – 17. Collectively, they add up to over $550k in prize money. Drinan cashed in 25 other SCOOP events in 2020.

2021 was a quieter year on all fronts, but we expect Drinan to return for SCOOP 2022. If he runs well and hits peak performance then we could see another explosive year for the Canadian pro.

WCOOP titles and other series

Winning one WCOOP event would be high on any player’s list of poker accolades. Connor Drinan has three WCOOP titles to his name.

Drinan earned his first WCOOP title in 2016 in an Omaha Hi-Lo event. The following year he made it two with success in a PLO8 event. He locked up his third and most recent WCOOP title in 2018 in the $10k PKO event. This one was by far his biggest score WCOOP score, $163k plus bounties.

Elsewhere, Drinan has earned titles in the Winter Series and Bounty Builder Series.

What about the Sunday Million?

The Sunday Million is one of the most prestigious and popular tourneys on the weekly online poker calendar. But that means there’s a lot of players to beat if you’re going to make the final table.

Connor Drinan has never won the Sunday Million, but he has final tabled it twice. The first time was in 2015, back when the Millie ran for $530. Drinan came second for $122k. In 2009, he final tabled the Millie again, this time finishing fourth for $79k.

That’s not a bad record. However, we haven’t seen Drinan on the final table of the Million for over a decade. It’s fair to say he targets other tourneys, in particular the COOP events.

Connor Drinan live results

Connor Drinan is a big winner in live poker. Results include a first place finish in the EPT Barcelona

Connor Drinan’s online poker results are certainly impressive, but Drinan has actually earned more through live poker. According to HendonMob, his live cashes total over $11.5 million (Apr 2022).

Drinan’s biggest live cash was in the 2015 Super High Roller, a third place finish which earned him an almost unfathomable $3.2 million.

In 2016, Connor won the EPT Barcelona $10k High Roller for $957k, and he’s also had huge results at prestigious competitions such as the Aussie Millions and PCA.

Drinan also won the 2020 WSOP Online Super Millions for $1.4 million, which is technically counted as a live event. In terms of WSOP events held in a casino, Drinan has made over $1.1 million from 36 cashes.

Connor Drinan’s top five live results

More about Connor Drinan…

Connor Drinan has had an amazing career that started over a decade ago. Here we take you through the recent chapters, including his victories in SCOOP 2019 and 2020:

Drinan wins huge in the EPT13 Barcelona – Although we’ll be focusing more on recent years, this article on Drinan’s EPT Barcelona win is well worth a read. It’s one of Drinan’s biggest live victories, and the PS Blog team were there to see it.

Drinan’s 2017 WCOOP title – Drinan earned his first WCOOP title in 2016. This article covers his second title, which he picked up in 2017 by beating Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson heads-up in the 62-H.

Third and most recent WCOOP title – This time, Drinan picked up an absolutely huge score with an epic performance in a $10k PKO tourney. His first prize was $163k, but Drinan also earned $222k more in knockouts. Bounties considered, this is actually Drinan’s biggest ever score.

First (of many) SCOOP titles – Already a three time WCOOP champion, it was only a matter of time before Drinan picked one up in SCOOP. In 2019, Drinan chopped the pot heads-up in the 70-M for $167k.

2020 SCOOP run starts – Drinan started off his run in the 2020 SCOOP with a win in the 34-H PLO8 for $34k. We didn’t kick up too much of a fuss at the time. Nobody could know that Drinan would go on to earn several more titles in the series.

Second of the series in huge Omaha event – Just three days later, Drinan went one further and took down the $5k PLO event for $152k, the biggest Omaha prize of the festival so far. That made it two titles for 2020, and three overall.

Three in one week for Connor Drinan – Drinan made it a hat trick of SCOOP titles in one week when he took down the 45-M NLO8 event, this time for $38k. It was all starting to seem a bit surreal. The article notes that this is already one of the most remarkable achievements in SCOOP history.

Fourth SCOOP of 2020 (fifth overall) – This article covers Drinan’s fourth SCOOP title of the 2020 series, his fifth overall. This victory tied Connor Drinan with Shaun Deeb as player to win the most titles in a series. Drinan won the 45-M HORSE event for a $30k payday.

Record breaking SCOOP run with fifth of series – This is it! Connor Drinan puts in the most spectacular performance to date in any SCOOP competition, at least in terms of trophies. This article details the moment Drinan locks up the PLO Main Event for an incredible $322k.


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