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pm_account_balance.jpg Multimillion spin up!

My first double-up

As I wrote about in a previous blog entry, I am in the process of spinning up one million play chips on PokerStars to 100 million. Those of you conversant with your base-2 logarithms will realize that it's going to take me about five and a half double-ups of my bankroll to get there. First double-up complete. I started playing 250/500 PLO, thinking I should give myself 20 buy-ins. I was up to about 1.5 million and thought, "I think I can get along with 15 buy-ins", so I switched...more

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Leaving the Bahamas without a suntan

Isaac Haxton_25K High Roller_Day 1_2014 PCA_Giron_8JG9315.jpg

I have a confession to make. I'm leaving the Bahamas today and I didn't spend any time in the sun. The only time I've spent outdoors has been walking back and forth between the tournament area on one end of the massive Atlantis resort and the Cove at the other...more

A great group of Team Pros

Bertrand ElkY Grospellier_25K High Roller_Day 1_2014 PCA_Giron_8JG9297.jpg

Even though I travel for poker all the time, I don't often get to spend much time with the other Team Pros. Everyone is so busy with poker all the time, and it's such an individual pursuit. We don't all go to the same festivals, and even when we do...more

PCA 2014: Jake Schindler wins PCA High Roller and $1,192,624, Selbst close in title defence


Jake Schindler tonight won the PCA High Roller for $1,192,624 stopping Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst just short of an incredible High Roller title defence. Schindler not only wins a huge pile of money, a glorious trophy, and the admiration of his poker peers, but also a Slyde Steel and...more

PokerStars weekend review (13 January 2014)


Welcome to your second weekend review of the year, again coming in from the sunny climes of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Plenty of grinders were clicking buttons in lobbies across the Atlantis resort in Nassau, The Bahamas, but most eyes were on the PCA Main Event and High Roller. Eight...more

Bobby Zhang wins Baby Dragon, MPC20 opens to record numbers


'PokerStars LIVE Macau' kicked off the 20th installment of the Macau Poker Cup (MPC) with the series' biggest ever opening weekend. The first three days of the 12-day schedule saw the completion of three side events which drew a total of 743 players and awarded HK $2,456,622 in prize money....more

Women's Sunday victory for iskweewQQ of Canada

WS FT 01.12.14.JPG

Now that 2014 is in full swing and the PCA is coming to the end of its tenth anniversary festival in the Bahamas, it's time to focus on some of the big opportunities for women this year. The player's choice PS Women Live satellites are back to round out the...more

PCA 2014: Let's think big


I'm just coming off one of the more fascinating PCA Q&A sessions we've ever had. Daniel Negreanu and Andre Akkari talked about the business of poker - where it's been, where it is, and where it's going. I assume one of our bloggers will provide a good synopsis of what...more

Rail the Chick in the PCA Women's Event

Rail the Chick 1.png

It's not often that I use the word "chick" to describe a woman. People who know me recognize that I would likely cringe at it. But when it references the incredible person I know as "Talonchick" in poker, it changes the entire meaning. Adrienne "Talonchick" Rowsome is playing in the...more

PCA 2014: Sticking your hand out

Johnny Lodden_Theo Jorgensen_Ville WahlbeckTeam Pro Q&A_2014 PCA_Giron_8JG8599.jpg

Here at the PCA we've recently begun a tradition of having Question and Answer sessions with some of the PokerStars Team Pros (or other well-known poker players). We put out coffee and pastries in the player lounge, set the comfy sofas up front and throw questions at our guests. Then...more

The return of PS Women Live EPT satellites

Deauville wonderland.jpg

For the last few months, PS Women Live focused solely on giving female PokerStars players the chance to win their way to the Bahamas. It was the 10th Anniversary of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and all. And more than a few women are headed there now, courtesy of the daily...more

How to get a job with PokerStars


It's probably one of the questions I am asked the most frequently: "Can you tell me how to get a job with PokerStars?" Until recently it's one where I normally have directed people to our careers page for an answer, but in this case I have a new role available...more

PokerStars announces 2014 Turbo Championship of Online Poker


PokerStars today announced the schedule for the third annual Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP), which will take place from January 23 to February 2 and guarantee $15 million across 50 events. The headline tournament is a $700 NL Hold'em Main Event on February 2, which features a $2 million...more

Mission Accomplished! #JanDailyChallenge


Win a ticket into the The Big $11 by taking part in the #JanDailyChallenge on Twitter. 1. You need to sign up for the January Daily Challenge promotion, which you can find out more by clicking here. 2. When you complete a challenge you should tweet "Mission Accomplished! #JanDailyChallenge"...more

Ladies only: Are women's events good for poker?

Aurelie Slahdji.JPG

The question arises often and has been discussed more than a few times in poker media. Are women-only tournaments good for poker? With a focus on that topic, the PokerStars.TV videographers at EPT Prague took a look at the Women's Event and gave many poker players the chance to speak...more

PokerStars weekend review (6 January 2014)


The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is under way, albeit currently with just the $100,000 Super High Rollers trading blows at the table. While that took some of the best tournament players in the world out of circulation for the regular weekly action, thousands more of you got stuck into the big...more

New year, same Rafa


The calendar may look different, but the world's No. 1 tennis player looks just the same. PokerStars SportStar Rafa Nadal kicked off his 2014 by heading to the Qatar Open where he breezed through the field to take on Gael Monfils in the final. It made for some exciting tennis....more

Go big or go home


In 2012 I had a really successful run at the ACOP (Asia Championship of Poker). I won a PLO event and came very close to making the final table of the Main Event. Going into this year's ACOP, I was really hungry for another title and prepared myself well for...more

Daniel Negreanu named 'poker player of the decade'


Global Poker Index declares Negreanu 'best poker player of the past decade' on live tournament circuit. Daniel Negreanu, a member of Team PokerStars Pro, has been recognised as the best poker player of the past decade by independent poker ranking service Global Poker Index (GPI). This recognition follows an outstanding...more

Spinning up from a million


Every once in a while you hear about somebody who's going to start with $X in an online poker account and spin it up to $Y, where Y is some orders of magnitude larger than X. There may have been some successful ones, but I'm not aware of any of...more

The misclick resolutions

Gaelle Garcia Diaz 2.jpg

If you enjoy playing online poker like me on a regular basis, you've probably also already discovered the dark side of using a computer. The worst thing that can happen when I play online poker is, without any doubts, misclicking. Misclicking is something that doesn't happen often when you play...more

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