EPT11 Deauville: Pinot, plonk and poker. Welcome party tonight!

It's blowing gales outside. It's dark and the temperature has dropped to near freezing. As those in the tournament room wear extra layers, in the Normandie hotel the wind shrieks through the corridors. In fact, the whole of Deauville howls with winter. Perfect conditions then for...more

by Stephen Bartley on February 1, 2015 10:10 AM

EPT11 Deauville: Mid-day update - former champions dominate Main Event

The opening day of the EPT Main Event is usually the calm before the storm, Day 1A always, well almost always, has the smaller field and with the blinds being low, in comparison to the stacks, it can be hard to find compelling action.We're almost six levels through the first day'...more

by Nick Wright on February 1, 2015 9:30 AM

EPT11 Deauville: Welcome to the House of Bluff, welcome to the lion's den

If you've ever flicked idly through the television channels when you know you really should be doing something better, the chances are you've muttered to yourself something like: "Is there really nothing they can't make a reality TV show about?"In addition to asking people to bak...more

by Howard Swains on February 1, 2015 7:57 AM

EPT11 Deauville: Dan Charlton, hoping for a super Sunday after a Super Tuesd

"It depends how I've done online. If I've had a good couple of months then I'll take a shot," Dan '"judgedredd13" Charlton tells the PokerStars Blog on the first break in play on Day 1A of the EPT11 Deauville Main Event. Doing well is a little bit of modesty on Charlton's part. T...more

by Nick Wright on February 1, 2015 7:50 AM

TCOOP 2015: One for Bosnia & Herzegovina as lilachaa wins Event #45 ($109 NL

It's the final day of the 2015 Turbo Championship of Online Poker, with the day's first scheduled event, Event #45 ($109 NLHE), having just completed. Heading into today Germany and Russia were tied for the most TCOOP titles this year with five apiece, and while Germany would se...more

by Martin Harris on February 1, 2015 7:49 AM

EPT11 Deauville: Getting on Walid Bou Habib's goat(s)

Barely two levels into the day and the Main Event has already lost one player who, in the past at least, has enjoyed his time in Deauville. Today though, Walid Bou Habib couldn't wait to leave Deauville.It was only two seasons ago that Bou Habib, from Beirut, narrowly missed out ...more

by Stephen Bartley on February 1, 2015 6:56 AM

EPT11 Deauville: Aces against...what? Guess the first hand of the day

Back in the days when three bets were called re-raises and the term "online player" was a slur, early discussions on primitive poker forums used to obsess over one subject in particular. "It's the first hand of the World Series," the OP would begin, "and you look down and see ace...more

by Howard Swains on February 1, 2015 4:31 AM

EPT11 Deauville: From one to eleven

It's a sight we've become accustomed to Day 1 of the EPT Main Event. The lights dim, the video footage starts - this time it depicted the first four winners of EPT Season 11 before asking who's next? - and then the spotlight focuses on EPT President Edgar Stuchly. A short speech...more

by Nick Wright on February 1, 2015 4:31 AM

APPT9 Aussie Millions Day 5: Up Against the crowd

Bang! Bang!Two quick eliminations following the dinner break and it's down to heads-up play between Manny Stavropoulos and Lennart Uphoff. And boy is Uphoff up against it. Not in terms of chip stacks. Actually, that's where Uphoff has the avantage. What we are referring to is the...more

by Joshua Bell on February 1, 2015 3:57 AM

EPT11 Deauville: Back to the world of chandeliers and creme brulee

If it's the end of January and -5° Celcius, players on the European poker circuit know the drill: pack the thermals, put the snow-chains on the car and head to Normandy for EPT Deauville.The charms of this luxurious outpost on the north coast of France are not always immediately ...more

by Howard Swains on February 1, 2015 2:48 AM

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2015 TCOOP

The PokerStars Turbo Championship is underway with $15 million in guaranteed prize money. Get your share before it's too late!

EPT Deauville Festival

France Poker Series Main Event
Final table
Players remaining: 7/1355

EPT Main Event Day 1a
Players: tbc

Aussie Millions

Manny Stavropoulos wins the Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge ($$1,385,500)!

Richard Yong wins the Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge ($1,870,000)!

LK Boutique $250,000 Challenge
Final day begins 2:15pm local time Monday